While the location of your stall ranks high in term s of contributing to the success of your market stall, it is an element you may not have much control over, especially in the early days of your venture. Marketplace organisers are not likely to give a newcomer a good location. In a popular marketplace, when an existing stall owner leaves and a space becomes available, the existing stall owners will usually be given the first opportunity to take over the space and the space they take over, in turn, may be offered to another existing stall owner and in this way, the stalls shift around leaving the least attractive location for the newcomer. Occasionally, you may get luck and, even though one stall owner decides to leave, the others are happy to remain where they are and you get offered a good location.

Even if you get a difficult or poor location at the start of your venture, take it. Waiting for a better location is not the best strategy, and you may get left behind. Once you are an established market stall and your status and hierarchy in the marketplace grows, then you are likely to get an opportunity to move to a better location when others leave.

Being near to where the food stalls are, is a good option. When customers sit down and have a bit to eat, the often look around at the staffs in their line of sight and if your promotion is appealing, they may decide to have a look once they have finished eating. Being located near the entrance has pros and cons. Some argue that when customers enter, they will spend more time at the first few stalls and similarly, when they leave, they also will spend a bit time looking at the stalls near the exist. If the entrance and exit is the same, then you get two chances to attract the customer. Other market stall owners argue that customers are in a hurry to enter or leave and quickly move past the first (or last) few stalls on their way in or out.


Visibility is your friend.