Market stalls are inevitably small – little more than a table wide (maybe 2-2.4m in length) and two to three metres deep. Some stalls might be a bit longer (across the front) but total area is seldom more than 9-10 m2. Generally, these stalls vary from 4 to 10 m2. So, the challenge is to turn this space into space that is workable, efficient, effective and attractive. The challenge may be made more difficult by the fact that you have to work with what you are given. Especially in the beginning, when you are just getting into launching a market stall, you are likely to be dependent on the space and location that the market organisers allocate to you – you don’t have much choice. It is also likely that you will be given a location that others don’t want, and the space will be small. You will have to get used to working a cramped space from day one (we discuss location separately).